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Just Two Girls... PETS ARE PEOPLE TOO Alt
Just Two Girls... PETS ARE PEOPLE TOO Alt 2



PETS ARE PEOPLE TOO! This wide neck stretch fleece pullover is a comfortable fit with a V neck design. SOFT, SOFT, SOFT like the Good HYOUman brand is known for. I’m wearing a Small! 



I’m going to dedicate this pic to Zeus! 🐶 I’ve never had a dog. And maybe at one point in my life I wouldn’t of realized the significance of a dog in a household until my best friends dog, Zeus, passed away. I’ve known my girlfriend, well pretty much all my life and going to her place, Zeus was always there. He wouldn’t be a bother , he would be excited when you came over and wonder around the table while we enjoyed laughs waiting for one of us to sneak something for him, but never a bother. He was getting old. He’s eye-sight had gone, he couldn’t stand anymore and it was time. But you never really expect it because he’s has always been there. Until I got that call. It was heart-breaking. To hear about his loss and how sad my girlfriend was and her family to the loss of their dog. Not just their dog but a family member. But with any loss of someone who has lived so long , you think of the good moments. You think of the life they had. A good life. Zeus, you bought love , laughs and sloppy kisses to a family that loved you. And you will be missed but if you taught us anything is that Pets are people too. ❤️ •

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