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Just Two Girls... WINDSLOW Red Dress
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Introducing the Windslow Red Dress! This dress is a show stopper with a side split and subtle cut-out at waist. It is made with a satin stretch finish with cascade ruffle along the arm and invisible zipper in the back. The shoulder straps are adjustable and dress is lined to slit. I'm wearing the Medium (could wear the Small)

(97% Polyester ; 3% Elastane)


Destiny... This is a true story. It was told to me yesterday. In a small town in India a boy sat in a cafe with his friends. While talking and laughing, he spots a girl. He doesn't see her face, just her profile as she sits and chats with her friends. He gets up to go to the restroom to "fix himself up" and when he gets out, she's gone. In India, some families still follow the tradition of arranged marriages. His parents, begin the process to find a match for their son. They will ask at the temple, they will ask family and they will even search online. There are websites that specialize in this. His cousin in Vancouver mentions to him about a family he knows whose daughter may be a match, but he does not pursue her because his family has taken on the task to find the right girl for him. After going through approximately 2,000 profiles. They narrow it down to 18. The introductions start. Now keep in mind, this process takes months, even years. Not only are the boy and girl meeting but the families too. Each meeting is set up like a gathering with lots of food and also included is the extended family. One night, after meeting many girls, he sees her. He is meeting her. Even though he only saw her profile many many months ago, he knows it's her. He can tell by her mannerisms and the feeling he got when she walked in the room. He doesn't tell her or anyone at first that he has already seen this girl. Many months later, he tells her. They are married now. Almost one year already. And how does his cousin in Vancouver fit in? This is the daughter of the family he knew about. True Story. Destiny ❤️ "WINDSLOW" Red Dress- $105.00! #justtwogirls #lovequotes #lovestory

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Published: Oct 13, 17

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